Printing for students in windows 8

Unfortunately for now it is required to install a registry entry on Windows 8 before you can connect to printserver \\winpstud. If this registry entry is not present, you will encounter an error while installing the printer mentioning "0x000006d1".

To add a printer on Windows 8:

  1. Install the registry entry

    • Click on this zip file, open it and then doubleclick the registry file inside and allow Windows to merge it with the registry.
    • Reboot

  2. Press the Windows logo key to bring up the tile home screen
  3. Type "printers", that is:
    • On PC's and laptops, just start typing and the search dialogue will open immediately
    • On tablets, you first need to:
      • Swipe from the right side to display the "Charms Bar"
        with Search / Share / Start / Devices / Settings
      • Select the search option
  4. You may whish to narrow the search context to the
    • Apps
    • Settings
    • Files
    which appears in the search option menu above the search text entry field.
  5. From the now preselected list of settings, select and open

    • ...
    • Add printer
    • ...
    • Devices and Printers
    • ...

  6. In the Devices and Printers window, choose "Add a printer"
    and do not choose Add printer from the preselected list of settings, where it also appears.
  7. Choose
    The printer that I want isn't listed
    which will open
    Find a printer by other options
    and there,

    • Select a shared printer by name:
      and type, including the final \:
      so that you can select one of these printers

    • Next

  8. Finally allow Windows to install the driver:
  9. If you get an error "0x00006d1" here, please check the steps above to install the necessary registry entry.

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