Request Webhosting for new websites since 2016

To setup a new website, please fill out the Request Webhosting form. On 20160726, it was available at the webhosting page but urls under intranet.tue.nl can change each day. A more reliable searchpath is, intentionally mostly without the hyperlinks:

  1. Go to itsupport
  2. Click Intranet ICT Services
  3. Click ICT Service Catalog
  4. Click Management Services
  5. Click Webhosting
  6. Click the Request button
  7. Login
  8. The Request Webhosting form should appear

Existing websites hosted on www.win.tue.nl

BCF provides support for the faculty webserver.

Employees of the faculty are entitled to an account on this webserver. This account can be used to publish webpages on www.win.tue.nl or one of the virtual hosts. These accounts are separate from the normal Windows and Linux accounts.

An account is either meant for business or personal use.

Users of both types of accounts are expected to forward their mail to a valid and active e-mail address; else we will assume that the webserver account is no longer active and can be removed.

You can create webpages using various technologies, such as php, cgi, mysql and servlets.

Questions about existing accounts should be sent to webmaster@win.tue.nl

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Questions? Mail to helpdesk.win@tue.nl