Domain registration (web hosting)

This page is about the webhosting details of domain registration

For projects that are operated by a consortium, the website address (URL) often needs to represent that project or consortium, rather than the hosting webserver ( where it runs on.

For example, instead of publishing at

it is often desired to publish at a dedicated domain, such as:

To make this work, the dedicated domain needs to be registered at a domain provider.

To make this work well, it needs to be registered:

  1. at a domain provider as DNS record
  2. as virtual host on the hosting webserver

BCF (and the ICT services that we ar part of) can do the domain registration for you, but there may be reasons why the registration is done elsewhere.

In case you decide to do the registration at the domain provider yourself, note that most providers provide several options to have a domain point to the hosting webserver ( .

These options matter.
What you usually want for a domain such as is all of:

  1. a working startpage
  2. working actions and articles under the homepage:
    The mediawiki login will not work by default if the site is part of a frameset.

  3. search engine results pointing to
    instead of

To make this work well, that is, including 2 and 3,
you need to register the domain for a virtual host, not as frame redirect.

In more detail, you need to:

  • request a DNS A record at the domain provider.
    Do not
    • choose URL redirect options such as
      • frame redirect
      • cloaked frame
      More jargons may exist, domain providers usually provide help to explain it.
      We even saw "transparent" for encapsulating the URL in a frameset, because the visitor does not see the redirected URL.
      Although it was explained well, we have a different perception of "transparent".

    • enter /path/to/project
      If you are invited to enter that path, you have chosen frame redirect which will cause 2 and 3 fail to work.
      Go back and find your way to the DNS A record option.
  • request a virtual host registration for the hosting server at BCF

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