Home directories (Windows)

Your homedirectory is automatically available when you login. It appears as your G: drive.

Accessing your Linux home directory

You can access your Linux home directory by following this guide.


Every night a snapshot is made of your homedirectory. These snapshots are kept for 30 days. This is in effect a backup of your home directory from which you can restore data yourself in case you accidentally delete something that was still needed.

The snapshots are available from the file explorer, in the right-click menu of both folders and files, under item

Restore previous versions

Access to backups until 2016, before the storage migration

Until the 2016 storage migration the snapshots were available in the subdirectories:


The hourly and nightly directories are numbered newest first, so hourly.0 is the latest snapshot made on the previous hour.

These snapshots are accessible using Explorer or other normal applications, but they are read-only. Please save them to a "normal" directory on your G:\ drive to restore the backup.

Also note that ~snapshot is a hidden directory; if you do not see it in Explorer, try to enter the location manually.


You can find out how much disk space you are using, and how far you are from your quota, by checking the properties of the G:\ drive. Note that this does not include the disk usage of your G:\~snapshot directory.

If you need more disk space, you can ask for it at the helpdesk.

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