Install extra software (Windows)

In most cases, you can find and install extra software for your Windows system from the "dienst ICT" software installation page, Your system needs to be on the TU/e network to be able to install.

A smaller collection of software is available for installation on your homecomputer, but you need to be on the TU/e network to find the pointers and the license information for some of them.

If the software has a license for a single machine (stukslicentie), you can request the license at the Helpdesk BCF.

If you're installing the software on your home computer and there is a license for home use, you can use a VPN connection to register your system on the TU/e network and then you can install the software from software installation page linked above.

If you can not use a VPN connection, or if there is no license for home use of the software, you can order software from

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