Outlook, reading your Linux mailbox

It is possible to configure Outlook so you can read your Linux mail (which we're phasing out in 2017), on Windows (without having to forward your mail). You will need to follow the steps below.

Installing the BCF root certificate

First you will need to install the BCF root certificate. Please follow the instructions as described there.

Configuring Outlook

  • Choose Tools -> E-mail accounts...
  • Choose View or change existing accounts... and click Next
    step 1
  • Click on Add...
    step 2
  • Choose IMAP and click Next
    step 3
  • Enter your full name and Linux e-mail address in the first two fields. Enter umta.win.tue.nl for the incoming mail-server, and enter smtp.win.tue.nl for the outgoing mail-server. Finally, enter your Linux logon information in the appropriate fields. Then click More Settings...
    step 4
  • Enter a name for the account, with which it will be displayed in the Outlook list on the left; optionally you can enter your organization and Reply-To address.
    step 5
  • Select the Advanced tab, and check This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL) below the Incoming server box. Make sure that the checkmark is set for the incoming server, and not for the outgoing server. Click OK afterwards, then select Next.
    step 6
  • Click on Finish
    step 7

Since we provide a certificate from a know provider, you should no longer receive the following message:

certificate error message

so that the former reference at this place to import the BCF root certificate is deleted.

When everything is working, you will see the account in the list of folders on the left.

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