Outlook webmail

Dienst ICT provides a service where you can read your Outlook mailbox using a webbrowser. You can use this service to read your mail when you are not on the TU/e campus.

  1. Start your webbrowser
  2. Go to https://webmail.tue.nl/. Note that this only works for employees; for students an other procedure applies.
  3. You will see a popup window. Enter your username in the first text entry field, with TUE\ prepended. E.g. TUE\wshelp.
  4. Enter your normal password in the second textentry and click on OK. Login dialoog
  5. You can now browse through your Inbox, calendar, contacts and access the Public Folders. WebAccess scherm
  6. Don't forget to logout when you are finished, by clicking Log off on the left side of the screen. Also do not forget to close all browser windows, because others might be able to read your mail if you don't.

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