Windows, accessing Linux home

The linux homedirectory can be accessed through one of

  • WinSCP which provides a GUI.
  • PSFTP which is part of the PuTTY package

These applications require a session on a Linux system, one of:


Changed in August 2016

The data is migrated to new storage, where the CIFS interface is no longer provided for the Linux homedirectory at


so that this cannot be accessed directly at this path by Windows systems anymore.

History until August 2016

You can access your Linux homedirectory in one of two methods. The first is meant for single use access, the second is better in case you continually need access to your homedirectory.

Method 1

  • Choose Start -> Run.
  • Enter \\vf-win\home\linuxaccount and choose Run. Substitute your Linux account name for linuxaccount.
    Step 1
  • An Explorer window will pop up with your Linux homedirectory.

Method 2

  • Open My Computer.
  • Choose Tools -> Map Network Drive....
    Step 1
  • Choose an unused drive letter, e.g. U:.
  • Enter \\vf-win\home\linuxaccount. Substitute your Linux account name for linuxaccount.
    Step 2
  • Check the box before Reconnect at logon.
  • Click Finish.
  • You now have a virtual "drive" that maps to your Linux home directory.
    Step 3


If these methods do not work, it might be the case that your Linux account name differs from your Windows one. Please contact the helpdesk if so, we need to enter a mapping on the server side before things will work.

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