Printer installation

Starting early 2015, most visitors of this page should continue reading

these printing instructions

Only for a few HP printers connected to \\winp3

Windows 7

To add a printer on Windows 7:

  1. Press the Windows logo key
  2. Type "\\winp3". A window with all available printers will popup:
  3. Select the printer you want to install and click on 'Install driver'.
  4. Your printer is ready to use.

Windows 8

Unfortunately for now it is required to install a registry entry on Windows 8 before you can connect to our printserver. For BCF provided PCs this should have been installed already. If this registry entry is not present, you will encounter an error while installing the printer mentioning "0x000006d1".

To add a printer on Windows 8:

  1. Install the registry, that is:

    • Click on this zip file, open it and then doubleclick the registry file inside and allow Windows to merge it with the registry.
    • Reboot

  2. Press the Windows logo key to bring up the tile home screen

    On tablets, you first need to:
    • Swipe from the right side to display the "Charms Bar"
      with Search / Share / Start / Devices / Settings
    • Select the search option
  3. Type \\winp3\ and the name of the desired printer as it appears on the label, e.g.
    Only choose the
    queue of the printer if you really need to print in color, else you will waste toner.

    If your computer cannot find the printserver, it is probably not in the TUE domain. In that case:

    • type \\\mf3nw instead
    • you will be requested to enter credentials

  4. After also typing return, your computer should connect to winp3 and

    • start the driver installation:

    • which is in most cases covered by:

    • and which you need to confirm by clicking Install driver.
      If you get an error "0x00006d1" here, please check the steps above to install the necessary registry entry.

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