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Combinatorial Optimization

The Combinatorial Optimization Group focuses on problems of the form: determine a solution which, given a number of boundary conditions, minimizes the costs, or maximizes the proceeds. In combinatorial or integer optimization, some variables only can take numerical values of a number, which makes the optimization problem more difficult.

Combinatorial Optimization goes into problems in operational management, such as the distribution and production planning, and more technical problems, which for example occur with the design and operating of computer systems.

Combinatorial optimization is an interesting worker's field for the applied operational researcher, who's profession it is to handle such practical situations. It's also interesting for the mathematics operational researcher, who focuses primary on scientific research. In both cases the applied informatics plays an important role. In many data processing systems, the schedule components are making use of optimization methods. The design and implementation of such systems form an important worker's field for the Master of Science, who graduates on operational research.


  • polyhedral techniques
  • local search
  • performance guarantees for approximation algorithms
  • structure of graphs, matroids, and matrices
  • online routing
  • scheduling
  • matroid representation
  • network problems
  • computational biology


For more information on consultancy in combinatorial optimization, please contact prof.dr.ir. Gerhard Woeginger.
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