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Probability and Statistics

The Probability and Statistics Group is active in research, education and consultancy for other partners. We now provide more information on each of these core tasks.


Probability Theory is a mathematical discipline that plays an increasingly important role in our technological society. We are more and more often faced with organizations, systems and processes that are so complex that an explicit description is not feasible. Instead, probabilistic descriptions and methods of analyses are being used. Because of this, Probability Theory is internationally flourishing. In our research, we focus on probabilistic problems arising in physics (polymers, porous media and magnetization) and in telecommunication (wireless communication and coding techniques, and network modeling using random graphs).

The general goal of Statistics is to draw sensible conclusions from available data. We devise and analyze procedures that attempt to find the most appropriate probabilistic model for explaining a given set of data. In this sense, statistics is the reverse of probability theory. In the latter the starting point is a probabilistic model, and the aim is to understand the behaviour of the typical output of such a model. In statistics the output is given, and we attempt to find the appropriate model. Once such a model is found, it can be used to analyze the original data set, to construct predictions, to understand the relations between different types of observed variables, etc. Statistical methods are used in a huge variety of applied fields. Important examples are medical imaging, genetics, economics, and climate science.

The group heavily participates in EURANDOM, both in the Random Spatial Structures and in the Statistical Information and Modelling programs. The group also participates in the Dutch stochastics cluster STAR, and collaborates with the department's Project Development Office. All members of the group are in the Stieltjes Research School.


The Probability and Statistics Group is active in teaching. We teach courses for a wide range of audiences and educational programmes. Most courses that we teach are for our Bachelor's or Master's programme in applied and industrial mathematics, for other programmes at Eindhoven University of Technology, or for industrial teaching programmes.

For graduation projects in Statistics, contact Harry van Zanten.
For graduation projects in Probability, contact Remco van der Hofstad.
For bachelor projects, consult Alessandro Di Bucchianico. For graduation projects in Industry in the subject of Probability and Statistics, contact Alessandro Di Bucchianico.

External Collaboration

In the past years, the group has been active in several collaborations within and outside the Eindhoven University of Technology. The portal for external collaboration with companies or governmental institutions is the departmental centre Mathematics for Industrial Innovation MII. For more information on MII, please contact A. Di Bucchianico.
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