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B&S Software Applications

The section Operations Research and Stochastics has developed several software applications, mostly in Java. The programs below range from small applications that are used in courses to complete simulation programs.

Combinatorial Optimization

  • Graph colouring problem. This is a Java applet that introduces a graph colouring problem: given a bipartite graph, try to colour the edges in such a way that no vertex is connected to two edges of the same colour. An algorithm is presented to show how to get to the optimal solution.
  • Another graph colouring problem. This is a Java applet that introduces another graph colouring problem: given a complete graph with 6 vertices, try to colour all edges given two colours in such a way that no triangle of three edges with the same colour is created.

Stochastic Operations Research

  • TrafficJam. The user chooses an intersection (existing in Eindhoven) and determines settings like which signals get green light at the same time and for how long. Then the settings are being simulated and compared to settings determined by a mathematical heuristic algorithm. The program contains a real-time simulation so the user can really see his settings.
  • Cow. A program that lets the user build a fully automatic barn with cows. Based on queueing networks theory the occupation of the cows in the barn is computed. The user should create a barn that satisfies both the cows and the farmer.
  • Q. This is an applet which calculates all sorts of performance measures of common queues, like the M|M|1, M|G|1 and so on. If there is no analytical solution, a simulation can be performed.
  • Masterclass 2003: "Even wachten a.u.b.". The masterclass, which is organised each year for highschool students, in 2003 was about queues and traffic lights. This web site (in Dutch only) contains the lecture notes and the traffic light applets.
  • Hospital 2000. This is another Java applet. It is a tool which can be used to calculate the number of beds that hospitals need for different specialties. It has some nice graphical options.

Probability and Statistics

  • Statlab. An interactive learning environment for teaching design of experiments that teaches the student how to setup and analyse a factorial experiment.
  • Box. An applet which lets the student find an optimum in an experimental region. Then a systematic approach (of Box) is shown as introduction to Design of Experiments.
  • Design Wizard. A Java program that lets the user create two level factorial designs. The user can enter design generators, or search for generators for a specified fraction. The algorithm of M.F. Franklin and R.A. Bailey is implemented to search for the best design given certain requirements.
  • StatApplets. On this page you will find some small, interactive Java applets that help to understand a particular statistical topic better. At this moment there are two applets. The first is an applet which is about Statistical Quality Control. It calculates the Cp and the Cpk, while the user can change all kinds of parameters.
    The second applet is an applet which draws distribution functions. The user can modify the parameters and see their effect on the shape of the function.
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