COSOR Memoranda

List of SPOR-Reports 2000

Number Month Author Title
2000-01 January P. van der Laan
C. van Eeden
Sample size and the accuracy of a consistant estimator
2000-02 February G.J. van Houtum
I.J.B.F. Adan
J. Wessels
W.H.M. Zijm
Performance analysis of parallel identical machines with a generalized shortest queue arrival mechanism
2000-03 February I.J.B.F. Adan
O.J. Boxma
J.A.C. Resing
Queueing models with multiple waiting lines
2000-04 March S. Borst
B. Zwart
A reduced-peak equivalence for queues with a mixture of light-tailed and heavy-tailed input flows
2000-05 March G.A.J.F. Brouns Featuring workflow management
2000-06 March N.A. Mushkudiani Small nonparametric tolerance regions for derectional data
2000-07 April M.F. Reijnhoudt On-line batching problems
2000-08 May Gang Li
I. van Keilegom
Likelihood ratio confidence bands in nonparametric regression with censored data
2000-09 May M. Akritas
I. van Keilegom
Estimation of the bivariate and marginal distributions with censored data
2000-10 June P. van der Laan Subset selection
2000-11 June S. Chakraborti
P. van der Laan
M.A. van de Wiel
A class of distribution-free control charts
2000-12 June I.J.B.F. Adan
J.A.C. Resing
Multi-server batch-service systems
2000-13 July L. Stougie
A.P.A. Vestjens
Randomized algorithms for on-line scheduling problems: How low can't you go
2000-14 September A.P. Zwart
S.C. Borst
M. Mandjes
Exact asymptotics for fluid queues fed by multiple heavy-tailed on-off flows
2000-15 October O.J. Boxma
D. Perry
W. Stadje
Clearing models for M/G/1 queues
2000-16 November G.R.J. Arts
F.P.A. Coolen
P. van der Laan
Nonparametric predictive inference in statistical process control
2000-17 November C. Maes
F.H.J. Redig
E. Saada
The Abelian sandpile model on an infinite tree
2000-18 November C. Maes
F.H.J. Redig
M. Verschuere
No current without heat
2000-19 December J.H.J. Einmahl
I.W. McKeague
Empirical likelihood based hypothesis testing
2000-20 December G.A.J.F. Brouns
J. van der Wal
Optimal threshold policies in a workload model with a variable number of service phases per job
2000-21 December W.R.W. Scheinhardt
B. Zwart
A tandem fluid queue with gradual input