COSOR Memoranda

List of SPOR-Reports 2001

Number Month Author Title
2001-01 March P. van der Laan Subset selectie aanpak
2001-02 March S.C. Borst
Fluid Queues with Heavy-Tailed M/G/infinity Input
2001-03 March T. Vredeveld
C.A.J. Hurkens
Experimental comparison of approximation algorithms for scheduling unrelated parallel machines
2001-04 April G.A.J.F. Brouns
J. van der Wal
Monotonicity and threshold properties in batch workload models with controlled service times consisting of a sum of geometric phases
2001-05 April R. Meester
F. Redig
D. Znamenski
The Abelian sandpile; a mathematical introduction
2001-06 April A.C.D. van Enter
R. Fernández
F. den Hollander
F. Redig
Possible loss and recovery of Gibbsianness during the stochastic evolution of Gibbs measures
2001-07 June C. Maes
F. Redig
M. Verschuere
From global to local fluctuation theorems
2001-08 June R. Fernández
A. Le Ny
F. Redig
Variational principle and almost quasilocality for renormalized measures
2001-09 November Q. Deng The two-queue E/1-L polling model with regularly varying service and/or switchover times
2001-10 November F. Redig Gumbel statistics for the longest interval of identical spins in a one-dimensional Gibbs measure