List of SPOR-Reports 2002

Number Month Author Title
2002-01 January S.C. Borst
O.J. Boxma
J.A. Morrison
R. Núñez-Queija
The equivalence between processor sharing and service in random order
2002-02 February S.O. Krumke
W.E. de Paepe
D. Poensgen
L. Stougie
News from the online traveling repairman
2002-03 February L. Bondesson A class of infinitely divisible distributions connected to branching processes and random walks
2002-04 March S.C. Borst
O.J. Boxma
R. Núñez-Queija
Heavy tails: the effect of the service discipline
2002-05 April M. Dyer
R. Kannan
L. Stougie
A simple randomised algorithm for convex optimization
2002-06 May J.A.C. Resing
R. Rietman
The M/M/1 queue with gated random order of service
2002-07 June M. Lipmann
X. Lu
W.E. de Paepe
R.A. Sitters
L. Stougie
On-line dial-a-ride problems under a restricted information model
2002-08 June J.A.C. Resing
L. Örmeci
A tandem queueing model with coupled processors
2002-09 July F. Redig
M. Verschuere
Scale dependence of the entropy production in stochastic dynamics
2002-10 August K.M.J. De Bontridder
B.V. Halldórsson
M.M. Halldórsson
C.A.J. Hurkens
J.K. Lenstra
R. Ravi
L. Stougie
Approximation algorithms for the test cover problem
2002-11 August X. Lu
R.A. Sitters
L. Stougie
A class of on-line scheduling algorithms to minimize total completion time
2002-12 September A. Le Ny
F. Redig
Large deviation principle at fixed time in Glauber evolutions
2002-13 September C. Maes
F. Redig
E. Saada
The infinite volume limit of dissipative Abelian sandpiles
2002-14 September M. Cryan
M. Dyer
H. Müller
L. Stougie
Random walks on the vertices of transportation polytopes with constant number of sources
2002-15 November L. Stougie A polynomial bound on the diameter of the transportation polytope
2002-16 November G.A.J.F. Brouns
J. van der Wal
Optimal threshold policies in a two-class preemptive priority queue with admission and termination control
2002-17 November J. van den Heuvel
L. Stougie
A quadratic bound on the diameter of the transportation polytope
2002-18 December I.J.B.F. Adan
V.G. Kulkarni
Single-server queue with Markov dependent inter-arrival and service times
2002-19 December I.J.B.F. Adan
V.G. Kulkarni
J.A.C. Resing
Stochastic discretization for the long-run average reward in fluid models