List of SPOR-Reports 2003

Number Month Author Title
2003-01 January S.O. Krumke
L. Laura
M. Lipmann
A. Marchetti-Spaccamela
W.E. de Paepe
D. Poensgen
L. Stougie
Minimizing the maximum flow time in the online-TSP on the real line
2003-02 January M. Lipmann The on-line travelling salesman problem on the line
2003-03 January G.A.J.F. Brouns Optimal control of routing to two parallel finite capacity queues or two parallel Erlang loss systems with dedicated and flexible arrivals
2003-04 January R. Sitters
L. Stougie
W. de Paepe
A competitive algorithm for the general 2-server problem
2003-05 January R. Sitters Complexity of preemptive minsum scheduling on unrelated parallel machines
2003-06 January R. Sitters The minimum latency problem is NP-hard for weighted trees
2003-07 January W.E. de Paepe
J.K. Lenstra
J. Sgall
R. Sitters
L. Stougie
Computer-aided complexity classification of dial-a-ride problems
2003-08 February R. Rietman
J.A.C. Resing
An M/G/1 queueing model with gated random order of service
2003-09 February M. Abadi
J.-R. Chazottes
F. Redig
E. Verbitskiy
Exponential distribution for the occurrence of rare patterns in Gibbsian random fields
2003-10 February S. Borst
K. Debicky
A.P. Zwart
Subexponential asymptotics of hybrid fluid and ruin models
2003-11 April R. Bekker
S.C. Borst
O.J. Boxma
O. Kella
Queues with workload-dependent arrival and service rates
2003-12 April G. Brightwell
J. van den Heuvel
L. Stougie
A linear bound on the diameter of the transportation polytope
2003-13 April S. Dye
L. Stougie
A. Tomasgard
The stochastic single resource service-provision problem
2003-14 April L. Stougie
M.H. van der Vlerk
Approximation in stochastic integer programming
2003-15 April J.C.M. Keijsper
R.A. Pendavingh
L. Stougie
A linear programming formulation of Mader's edge-disjoint paths problem
2003-16 June G.S. Fishman
I.J.B.F. Adan
How heavy-tailed distributions affect simulation-generated time averages
2003-17 June R. Bekker
A.P. Zwart
On an equivalence between loss rates and cycle maxima in queues and dams
2003-18 July O.J. Boxma
T. Takine
The M/G/1 FIFO queue with several customer classes
2003-19 August F. Guillemin
P. Robert
A.P. Zwart
Tail asymptotics for processor sharing queues
2003-20 September M. Dyer
L. Stougie
Computational complexity of stochastic programming problems
2003-21 September E.I. Tzenova
I.J.B.F. Adan
G. Kulkarni
Fluid models with jumps
2003-22 September E.M.M. Winands
T.J.J. Denteneer
J.A.C. Resing
R. Rietman
A finite-source feedback queueing network as a model for the IEEE 802.11 as distributed coordination function
2003-23 September R.A. Sitters
L. Stougie
The general two-server problem
2003-24 September S. Chakraborti
M.A. van de Wiel
A nonparametric control chart based on the Mann-Whitney statistic
2003-25 October S.C. Borst
D.T.M.B. van Ooteghem
A.P. Zwart
Tail asymptotics for discriminatory processor-sharing queues with heavy-tailed service requirements
2003-26 October A.P. Zwart Heavy-traffic asymptotics for the singleserver queue with random order of service
2003-27 November A.P. Zwart Loss rates in the M/G/1 queue with complete rejection
2003-28 December M. van Vuuren
I.J.B.F. Adan
S.A.E. Resing-Sassen
Performance analysis of multi-server tandem queues with finite buffers and blocking
2003-29 December M.H. Jansen Multiscale Poisson data smoothing