List of SPOR-Reports 2005

Number Month Author Title Number of Pages
2005-01 January G. van Kessel
R. Núñez-Queija
S.C. Borst
Differentiated Bandwidth Sharing with Disparate Flow Sizes 19
2005-02 March I.J.B.F. Adan
J.S.H. van Leeuwaarden
E.M.M. Winands
On the application of Rouché' s theorem in queueing theory
2005-03 March J.-R. Chazottes
P. Collet
C. Külske
F. Redig
Deviation inequalities via coupling for stochastic processes and random fields
2005-04 March M. Craciun
A. Di Bucchianico
Sheffer sequences, probability distributions and approximation operators 25
2005-05 May R. Egorova
B. Zwart
O. Boxma
Sojourn Time Tails in the M/D/1 Processor Sharing Queue
2005-06 May M. Nuyens
B. Zwart
A large-deviations analysis of the GI / GI / 1 SRPT queue
2005-07 September E. Winands
I. Adan
G. van Houtum
Mean value analysis for polling systems
2005-08 September S. van Zwam Cost sharing mechanisms for network games
2005-09 October R. Bekker
O. Boxma
An M/G/1 queue with adaptable service speed
2005-10 November L. Stougie
M.H. van der Vlerk
Approximation in Stochastic Integer Programming
2005-11 November M. Dyer
L. Stougie
Computational complexity of stochastic programming Problems
2005-12 November J. van den Broek
P. Schütz
L. Stougie
A. Tomasgard
Location of slaughterhouses under economies of scale
2005-13 November M. Nuyens
A. Wierman
B. Zwart
Preventing large sojourn times using SMART scheduling
2005-14 November H. Gromoll
P. Robert
R. Bakker
B. Zwart
The impact of reneging in processor sharing queues
2005-15 November R. Sitters
L. Stougie
The generalized two-server problem
2005-16 December W.K. Klein Haneveld
L. Stougie
M.H. van der Vlerk
Simple Integer Recourse Models: Convexity and Convex Approximations
2005-17 December S.O. Krumke
M. Lipmann
A. Marchetti-Spaccamela
W.E. de Paepe
D. Poensgen
L. Stougie
On minimizing the Maximum Flow Time in the Online Dial-a-Ride Problem