List of SPOR-Reports 2006

Number Month Author Title Number of Pages
2006-01 January I. Adan
M. van Vuuren
Performance analysis of assembly systems 11
2006-02 February V. Bonifaci
P. Korteweg
A. Marchetti-Spaccamela
L. Stougie
An approximation algorithm for the Wireless Gathering Problem 11
2006-03 February P. Schütz
L. Stougie
A. Tomasgard
Stochastic Facility Location with General Long-Run Costs and Convex Short-Run Costs 43
2006-04 March V. Bonifaci
M. Lipmann
L. Stougie
Online multi-server dial-a-ride problems 14
2006-05 May S.H.M. van Zwam New Korkin–Zolotarev Inequalities: Implementation and Numerical Data
Source code
Data sets
2006-06 May M. van Vuuren
E.M.M. Winands
Iterative approximation of k-limited polling systems 14
2006-07 June M. Cryan
M. Dyer
H. Müller
L. Stougie
Random Walks on the Vertices of Transportation Polytopes with Constant Number of Sources 20
2006-08 June L. Becchetti
P. Korteweg
A. Marchetti-Spaccamela
M. Skutella
L. Stougie
A. Vitaletti
Latency Constrained Aggregation in Sensor Networks 21
2006-09 June L. van Iersel
J. Keijsper
S. Kelk
L. Stougie
Beaches of Islands of tractability: Algorithms for parsimony and minimum perfect phylogeny haplotyping problems 16
2006-10 July C. Hurkens
L. van Iersel
J. Keijsper
S. Kelk
L. Stougie
J. Tromp
Prefix reversals on binary and ternary strings 20
2006-11 August E. Winands
On Polling systems with large setups 9
2006-12 August M. van Vuuren
I. Adan
Performance Analysis of tandem queues with small buffers
2006-13 November J. Artalejo
J. Resing
Mean value analysis of single server retrial queues
2006-14 November R. van der Mei
J. Resing
Polling Models with Two-Stage Gated Service: Fairness versus Efficiency
2006-15 December R. van der Mei
E. Winands
Heavy traffic analysis of polling models by Mean Value Analysis
2006-16 December E. Winands
Branching-type poling systems with large setups