List of SPOR-Reports 2007

Number Month Author Title Number of Pages
2007-01 January F. Chierichetti
V. Lacroix
A. Marchetti-Spaccamela
M-F. Sagot
L. Stougie
Modes and Cuts in Metabolic Networks: Complexity and Algorithms 12
2007-02 January P. Korteweg
A. Marchetti-Spaccamela
L. Stougie
A. Vitaletti
Data Aggregation in Sensor Networks: Balancing Communication and Delay Costs 13
2007-03 February L. van Iersel
J. Keijsper
S. Kelk
L. Stougie
Shorelines of islands of tractability: Algorithms for parsimony and minimum perfect phylogeny haplotyping problems 30
2007-04 February S. Krumke
W. de Paepe
J. Rambau
L. Stougie
Bincoloring 22
2007-05 June R. van der Mei
E. Winands
A note on polling models with renewal arrivals and nonzero switch-over times
2007-06 June C. Hurkens
Plenty of Franklin Magic Squares, but none of order 12