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Please note that the CoSeLoG project has ended! If you would like more information or ask a question, please contact Dennis Schunselaar or Joos Buijs.

Latest News

October 2016

  • Dennis Schunselaar succesfully defended his thesis and is no longer actively working on the CoSeLoG project. This therefore concludes the CoSeLoG project.

October 2014

  • Joos Buijs succesfully defended his thesis and is no longer actively working on the CoSeLoG project.

February 2014

December 2013

September 2013

  • The annual CoSeLoG meeting is scheduled for December.

August 2013

July 2013

  • CoSeLog newsletter #6 is out (in Dutch)
  • Our papers on mining configurable process models and on Discovery of a collection of process models have been accepted for the BPM conference in China. More details will follow soon.
  • The CoSeLoG project is discussed on Gemeente.nu (in Dutch).
  • The European Round Table released a movie about the importance of BPM, and therefore the CoSeLoG project.
  • A 2-minute Process Mining movie has been released. This movie quickly explains the benefits of process mining, which is applied and build upon within the CoSeLoG project.

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Project Description

The CoSeLoG project aims to create a cloud infrastructure for municipalities. Such a cloud would offer services for handling various types of permits, taxes, certificates, and licenses. Although municipalities are similar, their internal processes are typically different. Within the constraints of national laws and regulations, municipalities can differentiate because of differences in size, demographics, problems, and policies. Therefore, the cloud should provide configurable services such that products and processes can be customized while sharing a common infrastructure. The CoSeLoG project aims at the development and analysis of such services.

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Current Phase

Based on the process models and event logs created/received from the municipalities in the analysis phase, the following research questions will be investigated:

  1. Is it possible to run a workflow management system in the cloud (as a shared service)? This will be investigated by implementing a prototype.
  2. Which (combination of) elegant technique(s) can be used or defined to model, merge and configure business process models? This will be researched based on the process models from the municipalities.
  3. In which way can event logs contribute to the discovery and configuration of a configurable process model? Furthermore it will be researched how existing process mining techniques can be applied in a shared environment.


Within the CoSeLoG project Eindhoven University of Technology collaborates with 2 IT companies and 10 Dutch municipalities.

All participants on the map of the Netherlands

Eindhoven University of Technology

Promotor prof.dr.ir. W.M.P. (Wil) van der Aalst


Partner Investigators

PhD Candidates

The research is performed by the following two researchers:

IT Companies


Supporting Software Vendors

During the project the following software vendors have contributed:

  • Lanner has made their simulation tool L-SIM available to be used.
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