Browser Configuration

In order to run Q 1.0 as an applet, you'll need a browser that supports Java 1.1. At least the following browsers can be used:

The standard Netscape 4.05 doesn't support Java 1.1. Therefore, you'll have to download a special version of Netscape 4.05 that does support Java 1.1. Please click on the browser icon below to get more information on this.

If you're not using Netscape, probably Q 1.0 already works on your browser. However, to be able to load and save Qfolios, you'll need to change the security settings of your browser. Please select a browser to get more information on this. Loading and saving Qfolios will not be possible using Netscape.

If you don't know yet what browser you're going to use to run Q, please click here to get information on what browser we recommend.