2WC13 - Cryptography 2 - Part 2 - Cryptographic Systems - 2015

For Part 1 - Cryptographic Protocols - by Berry Schoenmakers - there is a separate webpage.


Andreas Hülsing, MF 6.146, e-mail a.t.huelsing@tue.nl
GPG-key: 152BFF2E
Fingerprint: BF9B D534 C876 99CA B62D 0E94 E2DE 5372 152B FF2E

Ruben Niederhagen, MF 6.102, e-mail r.niederhagen@tue.nl
GPG-key: 7BB8F395
Fingerprint: 6E96 2752 E51E 47DC 5D1F D578 2420 10CA 7BB8 F395

Meilof Veeningen, MF 6.104A, e-mail m.veeningen@tue.nl
GPG-key: 1C291B4B
Fingerprint: 7EE5 E859 CABF 0443 368C 5C13 C003 8673 1C29 1B4B


Dates and time (by default): Monday 13:45 - 15:30 (telelecture)
Location: AUDITORIUM 15


To get a basic understanding of some of the main cryptographic systems that are in use today. A cryptographic system is that part of an information system that provides cryptographic security services. Usually it consists of a collection of protocols and mechanisms such as encryption, key agreement, authentication, key management, to achieve security goals such as message protection, transaction security, or access control.



You have to write two papers, one in mid-term and one in the exam period. You will be asked to study some literature or a standard document, and report on that in written form. The first one will be on PKI, the second one on one of the other topics. In both cases there will be a list of topics from which you can choose.
The first paper has weight 1/3, the second one has weight 2/3.
All papers must be submitted encrypted and signed by email.



Each week a note will be posted here on what has been treated, as well as the slides.

Monday April 20 – lecture 1
Meilof Veeningen: Multi-party computation. slides

Monday May 11 – lecture 2
Andreas Hülsing: Applied cryptography and kleptography.

Monday May 18 – lecture 3
Andreas Hülsing: Public key infrastructure, GPG. slides

Monday June 1 – lecture 4 – guest lecture
Benne de Weger: Certificate authorities.

Monday June 8 – lecture 5
Ruben Niederhagen: Network layer security, transport layer security. slides

Monday June 15 – lecture 6
Ruben Niederhagen: Privacy and anonymity in the Internet. slides



These are resources collected by Benne de Weger for the lecture in previous years.

Latest modification: June 8, 2015