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 ====== Databases ====== ====== Databases ======
-The expertise group on Databases (DB) studies the design, implementation and analysis of Web-based information systems and applications. This includes a study of basic supporting technologies such as storage, indexing and querying of semi-structured data (often represented as xml or rdf), user modeling and adaptive hypermedia, to create automatically personalized web experiences,​ web analytics, data mining and interactive visualization of data extracted from web usage. Some successes from recent years include Adaptive Hypermedia Application Model (AHAM), later followed by the Generic Adaptation Framework (GAF) and the Adaptive Hypermedia Architecture (AHA!) followed by the Generic Adaptation Language and Engine (GALE). Adaptive Web-based systems have been applied in different application areas including e-learning, e-business, e-culture and e-entertainment. Some noteworthy projects were the NWO CATCH project CHIP on Cultural Heritage Information Presentation and Personalization (a collaboration with the Telematics Institute and the Rijksmuseum),​ the ITEA Passepartous project on innovations in television and the GRAPPLE EU FP7 project on the integration of adaptive learning environments with learning management systems. Our most noteworthy recent industrial collaboration is with the company Adversitement BV with which we study Web Analytics and the optimization of web experiences by analyzing web log data. Other recent activities include studying Learning Analytics through educational data mining and learning dashboards, and indexing and querying over big data. The WE group is at the core of the new Data Science initiative of the TU/e. The DB group is headed by dr. George Fletcher. 
-====== Internships & Collaboration ​======+ 
 +Data-intensive systems are crucial in modern computing, analytics, and data science. ​ The expertise group on Databases (DB) studies core engineering and foundational challenges in scalable and effective management of big data.  Current research in the DB group focuses primarily on problems in the management of massive graphs such as social networks, linked open data, financial networks, and biological networks. ​ Expertise within the group includes query language design and foundations,​ query optimization and evaluation, data analytics, data integration,​ and personalization. ​ In addition to dissemination of research results in the leading scientific venues in the data management field, the DB group impacts the broader community through open-source software development,​ training and mentoring of early-career scientists, industrial R&D collaborations,​ and serving on international efforts such as the LDBC Graph Query Language Standardization Task Force. 
 +DB group investigations into both the theory and engineering of data management systems are inspired by real-world application scenarios in close cooperation with public-sector and industrial research partners. ​ Academic partners of the group range across leading research groups in Europe, Asia, and North America. ​ Recent collaborators include Oracle Labs, Neo4j, University of Toronto, National University of Singapore, University of Lyon 1, and TU Dresden. 
 +The DB group is headed by dr. George Fletcher. 
 +==== Internships & Collaboration ====
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-====== People ======+==== Faculty ​====
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