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Dutch Model Checking Day

July 9, 2010, Eindhoven University of Technology

Model checking is a tool-supported technique to analyse the correctness of ICT systems that enjoys increasing popularity in both scientific and industrial circles. In the past twenty-five years, research in this area has led to dramatic improvements in the performance of model checking tools. This has enabled its application to real-life problems, and has induced major corporations such as Microsoft and Intel to invest in the development and application of model checking technology.

The Dutch Model Checking Day (DMCD) is a forum for practitioners and researchers interested in model-based techniques for the validation and analysis of software and hardware. DMCD covers a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from fundamental algorithms to industrial applications and tools. The workshop aims to foster interactions and exchanges of ideas with all related areas in software engineering.

The keynote talk of DMCD 2010 will be given by Patrice Godefroid from Microsoft Research, who is one of the leading researchers in the area.

DMCD 2011 will take place at TU Delft.

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