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EiPSI Seminars 2008

April 9 Yvo Desmedt Applying Recreational Mathematics to Secure Multiparty Computation
May 7 Fred Spiessens Patterns of Safe Collaboration
May 21 Tomas Toft Improved Constant-Rounds Bit-Decomposition of Secret Shared Values
June 4 Jerry den Hartog Consent policies: From Patient to XACML
June 18 Peter van Liesdonk Searching in encrypted data
July 2 Peter Birkner The group structure of elliptic curves
September 3 Jing Pan An Operation-based Metrics for Correlation Power Analysis
October 1 Christiane Peters Attacking and defending the McEliece cryptosystem
October 15 Sebastiaan de Hoogh MPC based on Threshold Homomorphic Cryptosystems: an overview
October 29 Bruno Pontes Soares Rocha Language-based information flows
November 12 Peter Schwabe Achieving software speed records with qhasm
November 26 Relinde Jurrius Generalized weight enumerators
December 10 Boris Skoric Privacy amplification