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EiPSI Seminars 2009

March 4 Patrick Hof Practical Security and Crypto: Why Mallory Sometimes Doesn't Care
March 18 Gaetan Bisson Computing endomorphism rings of ordinary elliptic curves over finite fields
April 1 Christiane Peters Explicit Bounds for Generic Decoding Algorithms for Code-Based Cryptography
April 15 JosŤ Villegas Bautista On Secure Integer Comparison
June 10 Jiqiang Lu Security of AES against Differential Power Analysis
June 24 Fred Spiessens & Daniel Trivellato Protecting Information with POLIPO Security Policies
September 16 Boris Skoric Quantum Readout of Physical Unclonable Functions
November 4 Barbara Vieira Correctness with respect to reference implementations
November 18 Boris Skoric & Fred Spiessens Reputations in POLIPO