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EiPSI Seminars 2012

January 11 Daniel Trivellato Enforcing Access Control Policies in Virtual Organizations Using Hierarchical Attribute-Based Encryption
January 25 Hans Schoone (IBM) IBM Security Systems Delft Lab products and project opportunities
February 8 Antonino Simone Scopone: when a card game goes scientific
February 29 Daniel Krenn (TU Graz) Non-adjacent Forms and their Playground
March 14 Ruben Niederhagen The XL Crysis
April 11 Sokratis Vavilis Impact of ICT on Home Healthcare
April 25 Tanja Lange The new SHA-3 software shootout
D.J. Bernstein & T. Lange
May 9 Dion Boesten Asymptotic fingerprinting capacity in the Combined Digit Model
May 23 Jeroen Doumen Watermarking for Adaptive Streaming Protocols
June 27 Jan-Jaap Oosterwijk Tighter Bounds for Error Probabilities in Tardos Fingerprinting Codes
September 19 Meilof Veeningen Formal Modelling of (De)Pseudonymisation: A Case Study in Health Care Privacy
November 14 Jan-Jaap Oosterwijk Dynamic Traitor Tracing for Arbitrary Alphabets: Divide and Conquer"