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EiPSI Seminars 2013

January 15 Sandro Etalle Signature-Less Network Intrusion Detection for advanced protection of Web applications and Industrial Control Systems. Theory & practice
February 12 Sokratis Vavilis Information Reliability in Home Healthcare Services
May 7 Thijs Laarhoven Discrete Distributions in the Tardos Scheme, Revisited
May 21 Tony Chou McBits: fast constant-time code-based cryptography
June 12 Jan-Jaap Oosterwijk Optimal Suspicion Functions for Tardos Traitor Tracing Schemes
October 7 Boris Scoric The Spammed Code Offset Method
October 28 Ruben Niederhagen FPGAs -- low-cost cryptography and cryptanalysis
December 9 Thijs Laarhoven From Collusion-Resistant Traitor Tracing to Efficient Probabilistic Group Testing