Elective Package Security

Welcome to the Elective Package Security!
This package is offered for bachelor students at Eindhoven University of Technology by the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.
Please take a look at the information provided below to get an idea of what the package is about and what the courses cover. Every spring TU/e organizes Check-You-Match events where you can check out the different elective packages and ask students who took the package in the years before You can contact Tanja Lange for more information.

General course information

Security is a growing sector in IT and given the numerous news reports of attacks and compromises much more work is needed. IT security requires expertise in cryptographic solutions as well as in networks and security analysis. The subject is positioned at the intersection of mathematics and computer science and has relevance for applications ranging from e-government and e-commerce to access control and security in cars. Whenever ICT is deployed it is important to ensure that the infrastructure gets used only by authorized users;- only the registered voter should be allowed to cast a vote, credit card details should be safe from eavesdroppers, only authorized people should be able to enter a building and the brakes of a car should react quickly to electronic messages, but only if they come from a legitimate sender.

This course package is organized by Ei/PSI, the Eindhoven Institute for the Protection of Systems and Information and demonstrates one of the strengths of research at TU/e covering all aspects of IT security in one location. This security package brings students up to speed on the fundamental knowledge and insight required for research and development in cryptology and computer security. It includes courses on the mathematical background, network security, cryptology, and hands-on experiments with attacks It is an ideal preparation for the IST master track on Information Security and Technology within Computer Security and the DAM master track in mathematics.

The default packages are
• for mathematics students: 2IC60, 2WF80, 2IC80
• for computer science students: 2WF90, 2WF80, 2IC80
• for other students: 2IC60, 2WF90, 2WF80; they can also take 2IC80 in addition as a 4th topic

• for mathematics students: 2IC60, 2WF70 (if not part of major), 2WF80
• for computer science students: short coherent package 2WF90 + 2WF80

The info material about the elective package Security has detailed descriptions of all courses.

Additional course insights and material

Here are two short video interviews about the package

During the face-to-face Check your Match events we normally hand out this flyer.

During the online CYM in 2021 we showed these slides.