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Bernstein, Daniel J.
Etalle, Sandro     (TU Eindhoven / Univ. Twente)

Security and trust management. Security of embedded systems, protocol verification, intrusion detection and risk management.
Lange, Tanja     Scientific Director

Public key cryptography, in particular curve based cryptography and post-quantum cryptography; efficient implementation; side-channel attacks and countermeasures; computational number theory.


Michiels, Wil (TU Eindhoven / NXP)
Petkovic, Milan     (TU Eindhoven / Philips)

Information security, secure data management, digital rights management, privacy enhancing technology, database security, trust management.


Schoenmakers, Berry

Cryptographic protocols and applications.
Weger, Benne de

Computational number theory, public key cryptography, hash functions.
Zannone, Nicola

Security requirements engineering, access control, data protection, risk analysis, formal methods.


Hartog, Jerry den

Security, Smartcards, Formal methods.
Huelsing, Andreas

My research focuses on digital signature schemes that can withstand quantum-computer aided attacks. I am interested in the more theoretical topic of constructing digital signature schemes as well as in the applications of these schemes. So far, I spent most of my time working on hash-based signature schemes. On the more applied side, I was working on improvements of current PKI solutions, especially in the context of long-term security. I also got some side-projects on lattice-based cryptography and quantum cryptography.
Pellikaan, Ruud

Applications of algebraic geometry.
Škorić, Boris

Security with noisy data, collusion-resistant watermarking codes, computations under the encryption.


Dos Santos, Daniel Ricardo

Drugan, Madalina

Martindale, Chloe

I'm working on pairings on Elliptic Curves and on the Discrete Logarithm Problem for elliptic curves as part of the USEIT project. My research interests include genus 1, 2, and 3 curves, complex multiplication, and modular forms.



Alizadeh, Mahdi

Privacy, access control, business process analysis, and auditing.
Amadori, Alessandro

I am currently working on White-box Cryptography. In particular my research focuses on standardizing criteria for which white-box implementations can be deemed secure.
Appelbaum, Jacob

Banegas, Gustavo S.

Blom, Frank

Project: SODA
Secure Multi-Party Computation techniques for privacy-preserving Big Data processing.
Doulgerakis, Emmanouil

I am interested in lattice based cryptanalysis. More precisely, my research focuses on understanding and improving the state of the art algorithms for solving hard lattice problems. This helps us to estimate the security of lattice based cryptosystems more accurately.
Fauri, Davide

I am currently working on cyberphysical security and ICS intrusion detection, blending anomaly-based and specification-based techniques. In particular, I'm trying to exploit hidden periodicities in industrial network traffic to help with the difficult task of meaningful feature extraction.
Groot Bruinderink, Leon
Panny, Lorenz

Interested in math and computers.
Ravidas, Sowmya

Project: Appstacle
My research focuses on providing authorization solutions for Internet-of-things applications, in particular, vehicular networks. This involves specification and enforcement of access control policies in cloud environment to enable authorized data exchange between vehicles and cloud.
Thaler, Stefan

Utomo, Putranto Haidi

I am currently working on the Erasure Decoding Problem.
Vavilis, Sokratis

Project: THeCs
THeCS project aims to create measurable and enforceable trust. This notion is new for electronic healthcare services and it is fundamental for their success. This project creates new techniques to measure and control the reliability and use of (healthcare) information. These techniques allow users and service providers to trust each other and to benefit from these new services. In a healthcare setting, trust is of special relevance because of the sensitive and personal nature of health information and because of the possibly very adverse consequences of late or incorrect decisions related to one’s health.
Vreede, Niels de


Klooster-Derks, Anita


Tilborg, Henk van     

Mathematical aspects of coding theory and cryptology,
in particular, coding theory based cryptosystems, authentication codes, broadcast schemes, key scheduling schemes, secret sharing schemes.


Bauch, Jens-Dietrich   (PostDoc)

My research interests focus on algorithms in number theory and algebraic geometry. Currently, I am trying to improve the basic arithmetic in number fields and function fields by using the OM representation of ideals and lattices.Moreover I am focusing on speeding up class group computations.
Ben Othmane, Lotfi   (PostDoc)

Security and privacy in vehicular network, self-protecting data, mobile agents security, web services security.
Bisson, Gaetan   (PhD student)

Computational theory and algorithms related to hyperelliptic pairings with a view toward cryptography.
Brouwer, Andries   (Professor)

Security aspects of Unix and Linux; ethical hacker.
Bruso', Mayla   (PhD student)

Verification of security protocols. Project: PEARL - Privacy Enhanced security Architecture for RFID Labels.
Chatzikokolakis, Kostas   (PostDoc)

Verification of security protocols, mostly in the area of anonymity and privacy. Also working on process algebras, mainly in a probabilistic setting, and information theory.
Chou, Tony   (PostDoc, PhD student)

Efficient software implementation for post-quantum cryptography and elliptic curve cryptography.
Chuengsatiansup, Chitchanok   (PhD student)

Elliptic and hyperelliptic curves, pairing-based cryptography, efficient implementation.
Costante, Elisa   (PhD student)

I am working for the TASł Project. It aims to have a European- wide impact on services based upon personal information¸ which is typically generated over a human lifetime and therefore is collected & stored at distributed locations and used in a multitude of business processes. My research is focused on trust management, user’s perception of trust and measurement of factors influencing trust such as security, privacy and risk.
Because of this, many supply chain projects premised on collaboration through data sharing have failed. In secureSCM, we try to build secure protocols that enables collaborative supply chain management without the risk of leaking relevant data.
Egner, Alexandru   (PostDoc)
Hoogh, Sebastiaan de   (PostDoc, PhD student)

It is a well known fact that collaboration and information sharing in supply chains reduce costs and allow for enhanced optimization. Nevertheless most companies are reluctant to share their data, since its revelation has a negative impact on their bargaining power, and may even benefit the competition.
Areas where the results can directly be applied include digital rights management, biological authentication, threshold cryptography, profile matching, electronic voting, secure data-mining among others.
Jurrius, Relinde   (PhD student)

My reseach is on coding theory. I study weight enumerators of linear codes, and generalizations of this polynomial. Also, I link these to polynomials associated with other mathematical structures, such as matroids, arrangements of hyperplanes and algebraic curves.
Kaluvuri, Samuel   (PostDoc)
Krøigård, Mikkel   (PostDoc)

Cryptophraphic protocols. In particular, theoretical and practical aspects of multiparty computation.
Laarhoven, Thijs   (PhD student, graduated Cum Laude)

Project: SLABAC – Security of Lattice-Based Cryptosystems.
Lattice-based cryptosystems are cryptosystems based on hard problems in lattices, such as finding the shortest vector in a lattice. Using lattice basis reduction, one can
sometimes solve these hard problems and attack these cryptosystems. To estimate the security of these cryptosystems, it is therefore essential we get a better understanding of lattice basis reduction algorithms, such as LLL and BKZ.
Liesdonk, Peter van   (PhD student, did not graduate)

My research topic is searchable data encryption. This means finding ways to securely store information on an untrusted database server, while still being able to efficiently retrieve specific data. Further interests are pairing-based cryptography, identity-based encryption, provable security and cryptographic protocols.
Lu, Jiqiang   (PostDoc)

Side-channel analysis, block cipher analysis and hash function analysis.
Luu, Duc   (Researcher)
Niederhagen, Ruben   (PostDoc, PhD student)

Cryptography and cryptanalysis on massively parallel systems.
Oosterwijk, Jan-Jaap   (PhD student)

The CREST project (Collusion RESistant Tracing, ) investigates the resilience of digital watermarks against coalition attacks. The cat-and-mouse game of attack and defense gives rise to nontrivial mathematics, involving combinatorics, coding theory, information theory and broadcast encryption. The practical side is equally complex, with much work in progress on attack strategies, signal processing attacks, optimal code constructions, efficient decoding algorithms, and embedding methods.
Pan, Jing   (PhD student, did not graduate)

Side-channel attacks, Javacard application and security.
The project treats the enforcement of security policies running in mobile systems. The goal is to create a framework of technological solutions for trusted deployment and execution of mobile applications in heterogeneous environments.
My focus is on modeling, verification and policy specification design. The techniques developed within this project are aimed at every type of nomadic devices, from smart phones to PDA, from RFID systems to cars, and are of interest for several entities, including mobile platform manufacturers, service and application providers.
Peters, Christiane   (PhD student, graduated Cum Laude)

My research topic is coding-based cryptography. In particular, I am interested in attacking the McEliece cryptosystem. Furthermore I want to focus on algebraic geometry codes and find out whether they are suitable for cryptographic applications. I am also interested in elliptic curve cryptography; especially in elliptic curves in Edwards form as well as point counting algorithms for elliptic curves over finite fields.
Pontes Soares Rocha, Bruno   (PhD student)

Security of Services on Mobile Systems
Project: S-Mobile
Schwabe, Peter   (PhD student, graduated Cum Laude)

Efficient implementation of cryptographic algorithms, elliptic and hyperelliptic curve cryptography and pairing based cryptography.
Simone, Antonino   (PhD student)

Collusion-resistant watermarking codes.
Spiessens, Fred   (PostDoc)

Distributed Trust Management in dynamic coalitions.
Trivellato, Daniel   (PhD student)

Distributed Trust Management in dynamic coalitions.
Turkmen, Fatih   (PostDoc)
Umbreen Sabir, Mian   (PhD student)
Veeningen, Meilof   (PostDoc, PhD student)

Mobile identity management
Project: Mobiman
Investigating techniques in the area of identity management (privacy policy matching, automated trust negotiation) while taking into account specific demands to make the techniques implementable on mobile devices (light-weightness, usability).
Vredendaal van, Christine

The focus of my research is speeding up class group computations. These computations are a tool to break ideal-lattice-based cryptosystems. Lattice-based cryptosystems are systems based on the hardness of solving certain problems in lattices. By optimizing the implementation of the class group computations, we solve these problems faster and reduce the security of the system.
Yuksel, Omer   (PhD student)

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