Our journey from Packaged Applications towards SOA, BPM2.0 and Composite Applications deployed in Cloud and OnPremise

BPM plays an important role in the area of Business Applications. Previously, we were used to a three-layer model for Business Applications. However, we have grown to a five-layer model, consisting of Databases, the Application server and the User interface, together with the new layers: Integration and BPM.

In his keynote, Theodoor van Donge presents the experiences with this new model he had with Cordys. Among other subjects, he will present the deployment models such as OnPremise and Cloud, but also different types of workflows such as BPMN and Case.

About the Author

Theodoor van Donge has over 25 years of IT innovation and leadership in the software sector. Theodoor played a key role in developing the pioneering ERP technology that saw The Baan Company achieve global recognition and become a Fortune 500 company in the 1990s. As the key architect behind the Cordys platform, Theodoor takes responsibility for all software development undertaken at the company.

With Cordys, Theodoor had a unique opportunity to develop an enterprise IT solution within an entirely green field environment. From 2001, Theodoor led the team that built Business Operations Platform, now widely recognized as the purest composite BPMS available on the market, and one that proves it is possible to support business-centric process design using SOA.

Theodoor’s fundamental approach to Cordys Business Operations Platforms’ underlying architecture is the direct result of his cumulative learnings throughout his career, from his early involvement with the The Baan Company, to experience gained through Jan Baan’s funding of Top Tier and WebEx Communications, as well as his commitment to always using the very latest Internet related technologies.