Pieter Hens, Monique Snoeck, Manu De Backer and Geert Poels

Transforming Standard Process Models to Decentralized Autonomous Entities

Today, in state of the art process engine architectures, process models are executed by a central orchestrator (i.e. one per process). There are however a lot of drawbacks in using a central orchestrator, including a single point of failure and performance degradation. Decentralization algorithms that distribute the workload of the central orchestrator exist, but the result still suffers from a tight coupling between the different decentralized orchestrators and therefore has a decreased scalability. In this paper, we show practical transformations to decentralize a process model into autonomous, independent process engines. This solves the fundamental problems of the classical decentralization algorithms, increases the availability of the global process flow and makes it easier to re-specify and redeploy process models.