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5th SIKS/BENAIS Conference on Enterprise Information Systems

For the fifth time, the Dutch Research School SIKS organizes a Dutch/Belgian Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (EIS). The purpose of EIS is to bring together Dutch/Belgian researchers interested in the advances in and the business applications of information systems. This broad field includes topics such as:

  • Management Information Systems,
  • E-Business, IS Analysis and Design,
  • Requirements Engineering,
  • Business Innovation,
  • Knowledge Management,
  • Business Process Management,
  • Product Software Development,
  • Coordination and Communication,
  • Collaborative Information Systems,
  • Business/IT Alignment,
  • Enterprise Engineering, Architectures for IKS,
  • Business Process Intelligence,
  • Business Process Compliance,
  • Process Mining,
  • Service Government,
  • Agile Service Nerworks, and
  • many others.

EIS 2010 is organized by SIKS (School for Information and Knowledge Systems) in cooperation with LOIS (strategic initiative for Logistics, Operations and Information Systems), BENAIS (Benelux Chapter of the Association for Information Systems) and NIRICT (Netherlands Institute for Research on ICT). The conference offers a unique opportunity for research groups from both the Computer Science-side and the Management-side to report on research, meet and interact. We also welcome practitioners with an interest in research and innovation, as well as doctoral students in the early stages of their careers.

The event will take place in Eindhoven, at the campus of Eindhoven University of Technology. Participation in this event is free of charge, but registration is compulsory.

Important Dates

August 23 September 6: Submission deadline for Alpha papers
September 13:Submission deadline for Beta papers
<de>October 5</del> October 8: Notification of acceptance
November 16: EIS 2010, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Conference Organization

Organization Chair: Wil van der Aalst
PC Co-chairs: Hajo Reijers,
Boudewijn van Dongen
Publicity chair: Jan Martijn van der Werf
Demo chair: Pieter van Gorp
Secretariat: Ine van der Ligt

PC Members (tentative)

  • Marco Aiello (RUG)
  • Hans Akkermans (VU)
  • Mehmet Akşit (UT)
  • Farhad Arbab (CWI)
  • Egon Berghout(RUG)
  • Patrick van Bommel (RUN)
  • Harry Bouwman (TUD)
  • Sjaak Brinkkemper (UU)
  • Bert de Brock (RUG)
  • Walter Daelemans (UA)
  • Virginia Dignum (UU)
  • Remco Dijkman (TUE)
  • Pascal van Eck (UT)
  • Rik Eshuis (TUE)
  • George Fletcher (TUE)
  • Jaap Gordijn (VU)
  • Luuk Groenewegen (LEI)
  • Remko Helms (UU)
  • Willem-Jan van den Heuvel (UvT)
  • Jos van Hillegersberg (UT)
  • Stijn Hoppenbrouwers (RUN)
  • Geert-Jan Houben (TUD)
  • Patricia Lago (VU)
  • Aldo de Moor (CommunitySense)
  • Michaël Petit (UN)
  • Rinus Plasmeijer (RUN)
  • Stephan Poelmans (HUB)
  • Geert Poels (UGent)
  • Erik Proper (RUN)
  • Piet Ribbers (UvT)
  • Marten van Sinderen (UT)
  • Monique Snoeck (KUL)
  • Yao-Hua Tan (TUD)
  • Jan Vanthienen (KUL)
  • Roel Wieringa (UT)
  • Hans Weigand (UvT)
  • Niek Wijngaards (Thales)