Types of contributions

For EIS 2010, two types of paper contributions, as well as tool demos, are welcomed.

Type Alpha: New work

Papers presenting new, original work are warmly invited. Submitted papers should not exceed a length of 10 pages. These papers will be reviewed on overall quality and relevance to the conference topics. All accepted papers will be published in full in the proceedings. Submitting a paper of type Alpha is a good opportunity to gather feedback on research in an early stage or on doctoral work.

Type Beta: EIS Highlights

High-quality papers on EIS topics that have been accepted after September 2009 for refereed conferences or journals are explicitly called for. The original contribution can be resubmitted and will be accepted as a compressed contribution for EIS 2010. Authors are invited to submit the officially accepted/published version (without page restriction) together with a one or two-page abstract. Accepted papers of type Beta will be granted a full slot at the EIS conference, but only the extended abstract of the paper will be published in the proceedings.

Tool Demos

During the EIS conference, there will be time and space for presenting demos of tools to small groups of colleagues. In order to obtain an overview of the available demos, we ask you to submit a two page overview of the tool/demo that you would like to present. Besides an unrestricted description, the short paper should include at least the following:

  1. the popularity of the tool (number of downloads per year, number of research groups using the tool, …),
  2. the license,
  3. the implementation size of the demonstrated part of the tool (in lines of code), organized per programming/configuration language, with an optional estimation of the size of reused components.

Finally, the short paper should contain references to the following artifacts:

  1. [mandatory] a ten minute screen-cast (including voice) of the planned demonstration (you may create two five-minute screen-casts on http://screenr.com/, similar to http://screenr.com/HWm and http://screenr.com/WWm),
  2. [recommended] a SHARE demo in the EIS 2010 group (see http://bit.ly/bvLbeI for example SHARE demos and sign up at http://bit.ly/cvVhoC using your academic e-mail address).
  3. [optional] a download location.

Please post any questions you may have on ScreenR and SHARE at http://bit.ly/dDkFZn