On the occasion of the organization of FM2009 in Eindhoven, a number of scientific events dedicated to Formal Methods and their application have decided to co-locate for the first time, under the heading of Formal Methods Week (FMweek). They are joined by a number of research projects and working groups that will have open meetings during FMweek.Together these events and meetings form the Formal Methods convention of 2009, dedicated to strengthening the partnership of academica and industry.


Registration open

Registration for Formal Methods week is open. You can register for the events and meetings you want to participate in, and make a hotel reservation for your stay in Eindhoven, all in single process. The procedure is explained in the Registration section of the website.


On Wednesdaynight (November 4), a scientific soiree will be held as central activity for all participants of all events and meetings in FMweek. It will be dedicated to achievements and prospects of formal methods, and feature a lecture by E. Allen Emerson, winner of the ACM Turing Award 2007, with a wider, historical perspective and a response by Joost-Pieter Katoen on current, specific developments. More details on the soiree page.

Committee of Recommendation

FMweek brings a unique combination of events to the southeast of the Netherlands, a high-tech industry region of with Eindhoven as its core. This region supports the initiative for FMweek, as witnessed by the Committee of Recommendation consisting of senior representatives of local industries and development organisations


A schedule listing all events and meetings for whole of FMweek as well as sorted by day is available.