Department Council Mathematics & Computer Science

Welcome to the website of the Department Council of the department of Mathematics and Computer Science!

On this page, you'll find:

  1. • our priorities for 2017;
  2. • minutes of meetings with the Department Board;
  3. • yearly reports;
  4. • current staff council members;
  5. • current student council members.

Universities are organized in departments. Every department is centered around one, or a few, research field(s). Our department, Mathematics & Computer Science, is roughly organized as follows: there is a Department Board that is ultimately responsible for managing the department. This includes finances, strategic decisions, practical affairs such as managing office spaces and much more. You can imagine that the board collects input from many people in the faculty, and that some decisions are very hard to make.

As a means of testing the decisions of the Department Board, we have a Department Council. It consists of 5 staff members (terms of 2 years) and 5 students (terms of 1 year). These members are elected by students and staff of the faculty: you'll be able to vote for and take part in the elections every year!

The job of the Department Council is to advise the Department Board and check the more influential decisions they make. For example, when a new dean is to be installed, the Department Council interviews various faculty members to see if there would be support for this new dean. The Department Council can also advise the board on the curriculum of educations, lack of office space and other issues. Some decisions can even only be taken when the Department Council approves them.

All members of the Department Council are easily approachable, the student members are generally also active members of GEWIS. Do you run into any issues regarding our department, then please feel free to discuss them with any staff or student council member.

Our priorities for 2017

In 2017, we focus on the following topics (given in no particular order):

  1. • the commencement of employment of the new dean and vice dean;
  2. • the continued student growth within our department and its effect on education, housing, et cetera;
  3. • the new Data Science education;
  4. • a revision of internal regulations;
  5. • continued efforts of improving our communcation with the department.

Minutes of meetings with the Department Board

Approximately five times a year, the Department Council meets with the Department Board. Minutes of recent meetings (in Dutch) can be found here.


  1. • Meeting 382 (2017-11-16, planned)
  2. • Meeting 381 (2017-09-21, planned)
  3. • Meeting 380 (2017-06-29, pending)
  4. • Meeting 379 (2017-05-29)
  5. • Meeting 378 (2017-04-06)
  6. • Meeting 377 (2017-02-09)


  1. • Meeting 376 (2016-12-08)
  2. • Meeting 375 (2016-11-10)
  3. • Meeting 374 (2016-10-14)
  4. • Meeting 373 (2016-09-01)
  5. • Meeting 372 (2016-06-02)
  6. • Meeting 371 (2016-02-18)


  1. • Meeting 370 (2015-11-19)
  2. • Meeting 369 (2015-09-24)
  3. • Meeting 368 (2015-06-11)
  4. • Meeting 367 (2015-02-12)

Note that minutes of a meeting have to be approved during the next meeting. Therefore, minutes of the most recent meeting are pending until the next meeting has taken place and we have had a chance to formally approve of the minutes. We list the planned date of next meetings for completeness. These meetings are public. We appreciate it when public lets us know in advance that they intend on attending the meeting, so that we can reserve enough space. You can contact the current council chair to do so.

Yearly reports

Every calendar year, the Department Council publishes a report detailing what happened during that year. This covers elections, meetings, topics that were discussed and more. Recent reports (in Dutch) can be found here. We aim to publish yearly reports in January of the next year.

  1. • Yearly report 2016
  2. • Yearly report 2012
  3. • Yearly report 2009
  4. • Yearly report 2006
  5. • Yearly report 2003
  6. • Yearly report 2015
  7. • Yearly report 2011
  8. • Yearly report 2008
  9. • Yearly report 2005
  10. • Yearly report 2002
  11. • Yearly report 2014
  12. • Yearly report 2010
  13. • Yearly report 2007
  14. • Yearly report 2004

Current council members (2017)

Staff members in the Department Council

1 Kees Huizing

TU/e employee page.
2 Andrea Fustervice chairman

I am assistant professor at the Mathematical Image Analysis group within CASA. I think it's important to be aware of the current and future developments within the department, and to participate as much as possible in the decision-making process. I aim at conveying both the concerns and feedback of staff at our department. Furthermore I would like to improve communication within our department, and encourage more inter-departmental communication.
3 Fiona Sloothaak

As a PhD student and an IAM student coach, I have a great position to observe the direct impact of decisions on both the staff and the students. In the faculty council, I would like to address possible concerns or needs from the department and aim for more transparency between the decision-making level and practice. I look forward to working in a team and come up with creative solutions together in order to improve the faculty.
4 Thom Castermanssecretary

As a PhD student I am in the middle of the department, hearing wishes, complaints and compliments from many sides. My goal is to both convey this in the department board as well as communicate departmental decisions to the community. It is in my opinion important that the PhD students, forming a sizeable part of the department, are represented in the department council.
5 Harold Weffers

As a member of the University Council, I want to provide a constructive contribution to the future-oriented development of the university as an institution and to the policy-rich strategic development of the various primary processes, namely education, research and valorisation. In this context, I focus specifically on the development of (1) research, research infrastructures and valorisation, (2) the training of scientific early-stage researchers (PhD), the training for technological designers (PDEng), the further development of new scientific talent, (3) the financial aspects of (strategic) investments and the underlying financial allocation model and (4) integrity and transparency, with regard to both the primary processes as well as regular operations.

Student members in the Department Council

1 R.L. (Rik) Schepens, Master Industrial & Applied Mathematicschairman

The department is facing many challenges over the next couple of years. Most of them are caused by the increasing student intake we saw lately. If we want to stay able to provide high quality education to those students the department needs to act fast and with care. I think that I could help greatly with facing these challenges due to my experience within the department council as current chairman and outside the department council in many education related roles.
2 E.E. (Emma) van de Vreugde, Bachelor Software Science

The last two years I participated in the department council as a student member. Together with my experience as a former commissioner of education at GEWIS, I have been very much involved in our education, especially in computer science. Last year I have been involved in the exam regulations, the curriculum committee for the new computer science major and other topics as a member of the council. This year I would like to be re-elected for the department council. I am critical and I am not afraid of expressing my criticism in order to improve the department and our education.
3 L.O.J. (Laura) Kuntze, Bachelor Applied Mathematicsvice secretary

All students have to deal with education and I think it is therefore important that students express their opinions about it. I’ve been in several group discussions about the courses we were following and those were always helpful. Now, in my third year of the study mathematics, I want to continue improving our way of studying by helping in the department council. When students cooperate with teachers they can improve the education and create a good atmosphere at our department. I would love to help and be a part of that.
4 L. (Leroy) Visser, Bachelor

My name is Leroy Visser and currently I am the chairman of Study Association GEWIS. Due to my function I am involved in many projects regarding the TU/e and the department M&CS. Here I represent the students and our association. As a person I love to represent the students and help our department in the best way possible. Staff and students working together makes this department strong. I want to keep it that way, and look for even more projects to strengthen these bounds. For instance what can we do about the career orientation of the students in their studies? This is only one example, but there are many more and I hope to represent the students in this.
5 P.J.C.M. (Patricia) Vossen, Bachelor Applied Mathematics

As educational officer I am always busy with inventorying what the problem areas in education are and trying to improve them. This way I always know what is going on and I can let it know in the departmental council. A side from that I have a lot of contact with fellow students, so that I can make sure that your opinions are heard when they matter.