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 +====== NGI event on process mining in the healthcare sector, on 19 April 2011 ======
 +For those based in The Netherlands it may be interesting to know about the upcoming Ngi event on process mining. The Ngi is an association for IT professionals in The Netherlands and is regularly organizing events around a variety of topics. 
 +Anne Rozinat (Fluxicon) and RenĂ© van Koppen (Pallas Athena) will give their view on applying process mining in the healthcare sector. Together with Ton Eijbergen (IT-SL) they will share their experiences and recommendations on how the gap between available IT and the application within healthcare organizations can be bridged and improved.
 +Here is the link (in Dutch): [[]]
 +For more details on the mentions people, you can have a look at:
 +| [[]] |
 +| [[]] |
 +| [[]] |