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 +====== IEEE TSC special issue on "Processes meet Big Data" ======
 +** Call for Papers **
 +[[|IEEE Transactions on Services Computing SPECIAL ISSUE "PROCESSES MEET BIG DATA"]]
 +===== Aims and Scope =====
 +The aim of process mining is to discover, monitor and improve business processes by extracting knowledge from event logs readily available in today's information systems.  When large-scale processes are executed, e.g., on (cloud-based) service-oriented environments, process logs increasingly exhibit all typical properties of "big data": wide physical distribution, diversity of formats, non-standard data models, heterogeneous semantics. Computing metrics over such "big logs" also requires to handle security and privacy concerns of many participants, and even to deal with non-uniform trustworthiness of log entries. New techniques are therefore required for designing, validating and deploying process metrics in this scenario, as well as for effectively dash-boarding the processes' performance indicators.
 +This special issue of IEEE Transaction on Service-Oriented Computing is intended to create an international forum for presenting innovative developments of process monitoring and analysis over service-oriented architectures, aimed at handling "big logs" and use them effectively for discovery, dash-boarding and mining. The ultimate objective is to identify the promising research avenues, report the main results and promote the visibility and relevance of this new area.
 +The special issue is related to two Dagstuhl Seminars happening in 2013:
 +  * [[|Unleashing Operational Process Mining]]
 +  * [[|Verifiably Secure Process-Aware Information Systems]]
 +===== Topics Covered =====
 +  * Software engineering for scalable data analysis
 +  * Engineering software to handle "big logs"
 +  * Process monitoring on SOA and clouds
 +  * Validation and benchmarking of process monitoring
 +  * Efficiently mining rare patterns in "big logs"
 +  * Scalable techniques for distributed process monitoring
 +  * Monitoring and analysis of cloud-based processes
 +  * Architectures and data models for synthesizing and handling "big logs"
 +  * Privacy-aware computation of process metrics
 +  * Securing log data
 +  * Log obfuscation and access control
 +  * Practical systems and tools for big log analysis and log dashboards
 +  * Applications combining process management and big data, e.g. audit
 +===== Important Dates =====
 +  * January 30, 2014: Submission deadline
 +  * March 30, 2014: Notification of the first-round review 
 +  * April 30, 2014: Revised submission due 
 +  * June 15, 2014: Final notice of acceptance/reject
 +===== Submission Guidelines =====
 +Manuscripts should be prepared according to the instruction of the "Information for Authors" section of the journal. Submissions should be done through the [[|IEEE TSC journal website]].
 +Submitted manuscripts will be thoroughly reviewed using the standard procedure that is followed for regular IEEE TSC submissions.
 +===== Guest Editors =====
 +  * Wil M.P. van der Aalst (TU Eindhoven, NL) 
 +  * Rafael Accorsi (U of Freiburg, DE) 
 +  * Ernesto Damiani (U of Milan, IT)