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 +====== Process Mining in 2015 - Contribute your Case Studies - Share News Items ======
 +Dear members of the IEEE Task Force on Process Mining,
 +I hope you started 2015 well. I’m sure it will be an exciting year for process mining as we can all witness the uptake of the topic.
 +Some news items:
 +  * Over 41.000 people from 181 countries joined the course [[|Process Mining: Data science in Action]]. 648,558  lectures were viewed, 36,637 exercises submitted, 4,138 forum posts were made and in the end around 1700 people passed the course after making all quizzes, assignments, and tests. Over 650 passed with distinction. The course will rerun in April/May due to huge demand.
 +  * The Process Mining manifesto was translated by John Hansen (thanks John!) in Danish. It is now available in Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese,  Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Turkish! 
 +  * The standardization process of our XES standard got one step further (was approved by IEEE CIS) and now goes to the next level. Contact [[|Eric Verbeek]] if you would like more information or be involved.
 +  * The Process Mining LinkedIn Group now has 2692 members. Thanks to the process mining MOOC and the growing interest in the topic the [[|number of members doubled in size since June]].  Thanks to George Varvaressos for running the group.
 +  * Prepare for the different conference workshops and other events related to process mining, e.g., [[|BPM 2015]], BPI 2015, BPIC 2015, Process Mining Camp 2015, [[|ATAED'2015]], etc.
 +===== =====
 +Also some requests:
 +  * We still welcome Case Studies in Process Mining, see [[]]. We now have 19 case studies on the website, but there are of course many more nice case studies that could inspire process mining novices. Hence, more contributions are welcome. It is important for the promotion of process mining and the success of your organization. 
 +  * Please notify the rest of the Task Force of your initiatives by sending an e-mail to the group: [[]]. 
 +  * Start discussions via [[]] and participate.
 +Thanks for your efforts, 
 +[[|Wil van der Aalst]].