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 +====== Time to join the balloting group for the XES standard ======
 +We are completing the standardisation process for XES (IEEE 1849), the second standard sponsored by IEEE CIS. At this time, it is necessary that people from our community vote about the approval of this standard. As a consequence, I would like to ask you if you are interested in acting as voter. 
 +===== =====
 +The deadline to join the balloting group is February 12th, and hereafter you can find the steps to accomplish to join that group:
 +  -  Renew your IEEE membership for 2016
 +  -  Click on this link: [[]]
 +  -  Join to IEEE SA (53$)
 +  -  Go to the Balloting section
 +  -  Click on Show/Join Open Ballot Invitations
 +  -  Click on "Show All Open Ballot Invitations”
 +  -  Join to our project 1849.