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 +====== Process Discovery Contest of 2020 (PDC 2020) has started! ======
 +**Do you think you have a good process discovery algorithm?**
 +//Then submit it to the Process Discovery Contest of 2020 (PDC 2020) as you can win one free registration for the ICPM 2020 conference in Padua, Italy this year.//
 +If you submit your algorithm to the automated contest of the PDC 2020, and if your algorithm scores best on our data set of 192 training/test logs, then one free registration is yours! The automated contest has already started, and ends on August 17, 2020.
 +|  {{:news:r2d2.png?direct|}}  |
 +More information on the PDC 2020 (like what to submit, when to submit, and how to submit) can be found on the PDC 2020 webpage: [[]].
 +//Josep Carmona, BenoĆ®t Depaire, and Eric Verbeek (organizers of the PDC 2020).//