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-====== Next steps in the XES standardization process  ====== +{{page>:news:2015_08_07_xes}}
- +
-On March 26, 2015, the IEEE SA approved the [[|Project Approval Request (PAR)]] for the XES standardization project. +
-As a result, the standardization project has now been officially adopted by the IEEE SA as the active project [[|1849 - Standard for XES]], and the Working Group (WG) can go ahead. +
- +
-{{:shared:downloads:xes-r7.pdf|first internal draft for the XES Standard Proposal}} (PDF, 463 KB) is ready.  +
-In September and October, there will be two internal rounds for comments on the Proposal. +
-In November, there will be an internal round for approval of the Proposal. +
-The resulting internal Proposal will then be promoted to the first external Proposal, which will be submitted to the IEEE CIS in December. +
- +