IEEE CIS Task Force on Process Mining

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Time to vote for the XES Standard Proposal

As per February 12, 2016, the balloting group was closed. As per February 16, 2016, the ballot has opened. As a result, the members of the balloting group can now cast their vote on the current XES Standard Proposal. The ballot will close as per March 17, 2016.

To cast a vote, the following procedure may be followed:

  1. Use your IEEE account to access the website
  2. Click on the BALLOTING TAB
  3. Click on the “Manage myBallot Activity” link
  4. At the P1849 Standard, select the appropriate vote from the drop down menu “Vote”
  5. Click on the OK Button

Note that the current Standard Proposal is the result of the several years of discussion and preparation, and has been approved by the XES Working Group which is part of the IEEE Task Force on Process Mining. Therefore, we hope that all members will support the Proposal by voting to approve. We are sure that this will help to promote process mining in the large.