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-====== Voting is done for the XES Standards Proposal ====== +{{page>:news:2016_03_18_xes}}
- +
-On March 18th, the ballot for the {{:shared:downloads:xes-r12d2.pdf|current XES Standard Proposal}} was closed. Response rate is 95%, there is one abstention, and the approval rate is 100%.  +
- +
-We received three comments on the Proposal. Two comments concerned the use of XML Schema datatypes like xs:dateTime, xs:decimal, and xs:token. The third comment concerned the use of two normative references (basically, for the use of the XML Schemas in the Proposal) and a possible mismatch between the PAR (Project Approval Request) and the current Proposal. We're working on resolving these comments. +
- +
-After that, all lights seem green to take the next step in the process: Submit the then-current Proposal to RevCom.+