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Annual Meeting IEEE Task Force on Process Mining at BPM 2019 in Aachen

IEEE Task Force on Process Mining
Annual meeting and discussion on the ICPM conference series
Wednesday, June 26th, 2019, 18:30 - 20:00, Tivoli Stadium, Krefelderstraße 205, 52070 Aachen

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15th International Workshop on Business Process Intelligence (BPI'19)

to be held in conjunction with BPM 2019 in Vienna (Austria)
September 1-6, 2019

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BPI Challenge 2019 Launched

Co-located with the first International Conference on Process Mining (ICPM2019) in Aachen, we organize the 9th International Business Process Intelligence Challenge (BPI Challenge).

This challenge provides participants with a real-life event log, and challenges them to analyze these data using whatever techniques available, focusing on one or more of the process owner’s questions or proving other unique insights into the process(es) captured in the event log.

For the BPI Challenge 2019, we collected data from a large multinational company operating from The Netherlands in the area of coatings and paints and we ask participants to investigate the purchase order handling process for some of its 60 subsidiaries. In particular, the process owner has compliance questions.

The winner in both a student and a regular category will be selected by a jury and a representative of the winning report in each category will be invited to join the conference in Aachen in June 2019 to be present during the conference dinner to receive a certificate.

For more information on the BPI Challenge, please visit

Kind regards,
Boudewijn van Dongen B.F. van Dongen
Chair Process Analytics Group
Department of Computer Science
Eindhoven University of Technology
MF 7.103
tel: +31 6 4277 8844

Process Discovery Contest

This contest is a ancillary activity of the 1st International Conference on Process Mining, that will take place in June 24-26, 2019, Aachen, Germany, we are happy to announce the third edition of the Process Discovery Contest.

Process Discovery is the branch of Process Mining that focus on extracting process models – mainly business process models – from an event log.

The Process Discovery Contest (PDC) is dedicated to advance the development of new discovery techniques and the performance of existing techniques. It also tries to stimulate the community to consider new types of event data which remain not sufficiently explored. This is the third edition of the contest that follows the success obtained during the editions of 2016 and 2017. Since this edition, the contest has become part of the International Conference on Process Mining.

The PDC’s objective is to compare the efficiency of techniques to discover process models that provide:

  • a proper balance between “overfitting” and “underfitting”. A process model is overfitting (the event log) if it is too restrictive, disallowing behavior which is part of the underlying process. This typically occurs when the model only allows for the behavior recorded in the event log. Conversely, it is underfitting (the reality) if it is not restrictive enough, allowing behavior which is not part of the underlying process. This typically occurs if it overgeneralizes the example behavior in the event log.
  • business value for process owners. The model needs to certainly be fitting and precise but also must provide insights into how processes are executed.

The contest is open to any discovery algorithms, combination of different algorithms and more elaborated procedures, which can possibly involve some human support (similarly to semi-supervised techniques). The contest is independent of the notation in which the discovered models are expressed: No preference is made. Any procedural (e.g., Petri Net or BPMN) or declarative (e.g., Declare) notation are equally welcome.

Neither is the context restricted to open-source tools. Proprietary tools can also participate.

For more details on the organization, details on the submission, documents and training data, please refer to the PDC webpage

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Minutes of the Annual Meeting IEEE Task Force on Process Mining at BPM 2018 in Sydney

Monday September 10th 2017, University of Technology in Sydney (UTS), Building 11, Room CB11.04.205 (Address: 83-117 Broadway, Ultimo NSW 2007)

The annual meeting of the task force was, as usual, co-located with the BPM conference following the workshops (BPI, PODS4H, etc.) and the BPI Challenge. The focus of the meeting was on the new International Conference on Process Mining (ICPM) taking place in Aachen in the last week of June 2019.

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IEEE Task Force on Process Mining Annual Meeting at BPM 2018 in Sydney
September 10th 2018, 5:00pm - 6:00pm
University of Technology in Sydney (UTS), Building 11, Room CB11.04.205 
(Address: 83-117 Broadway, Ultimo NSW 2007)

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BPM 2018 - 16th International Conference on Business Process Management Call for Papers

September 9-14, 2018, Sydney, Australia.

The annual BPM conference is the premium forum for researchers and practitioners in business process management. BPM is a broad discipline, covering topics that range from formal methods in computer science to techniques in information systems engineering, to management science methods. Therefore, not only different research topics are addressed, but also different research methods are employed that require different evaluation criteria in the peer reviewing process.

To accommodate for this diversity, the BPM conference introduces a new structure. This structure is based on three tracks that cover not only different phenomena of interest and research methods but, consequently, also different evaluation criteria. To implement this structure, each track has a dedicated track chair and a dedicated program committee. The track chairs, together with a consolidation chair, are responsible for the scientific program. Through this new structure we aim to broaden the BPM community and position the BPM conference as a forum for all aspects of the broad business process management discipline.

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Pictures of the Annual Meeting IEEE Task Force on Process Mining at BPM 2017 in Barcelona

Figure 1: About 60 process miners attended the meeting of the task force.

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Minutes of the Annual Meeting IEEE Task Force on Process Mining at BPM 2017 in Barcelona

Monday September 11th, 2017, 16.00-18.00, UPC Nord Campus, Vertex Building, Barcelona, Spain.

Please check the action points. Being part of this task force requires active participation!

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