IEEE CIS Task Force on Process Mining

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Minutes of the Annual Meeting IEEE Task Force on Process Mining at BPM 2014 in Eindhoven

Monday September 8th, 2014, 15.30-17.30
Eindhoven University of Technology, Blauwe Zaal, Auditorium

About 40 people joined the annual meeting.

Slides of the meeting

1) Welcome and Overview of the IEEE Task Force on Process Mining

Short summary of the goals for the task force.

2) Overview of Activities 2013-2014 (Wil van der Aalst)

See the slides for the many activities that took place. Next to the traditional things (BPI, BPIC, PM Camp, etc.), new activities like:

were highlighted.

3) XES Standardization (Eric Verbeek)

See slides for the update given by Eric. Progress has been made but more steps are needed.

4) Best Process Mining Dissertation Award (Chaired by Dirk Fahland)

The Best Process Mining Dissertation Award is a yearly award conferred by the IEEE Task Force on Process Mining to the author of an outstanding PhD thesis on business process intelligence. The winner of the first edition of this award will be announced during this meeting. Dirk Fahland, Antonella Guzzo, and Marcello La Rosa organized the award that was handed out to Andrea Burattin for this PhD thesis entitled “Applicability of Process Mining Techniques in Business Environments”. Andrea also gave a presentation summarizing his work.

5) Process Mining in the Netherlands: NGI's Special Interest Group on Process mining (Frank van Geffen/Anne Rozinat)

See slides of Frank. He provided an overview of the many activities. Clearly, many activities on process mining are happing in the Netherlands. It is particularly good to see the engagement for ICT professionals and the connections to different application domains (healthcare, auditing, banking, etc.)

6) Discussion items (feel free to propose additional topics)

Several topics were discussed. Most time was devoted to the topic “Legal Aspects of Process Mining: Proposal to form a working group“prepared by Frank van Geffen. This triggered an interesting and lively discussion, showing that the topic is relevant and can be approached from multiple angles. Frank will send around a list of questions to form a working group and to gather input.

7) Planned Activities for 2014-2015

Many activities are already planned:

  • BPI workshop 2015
  • BPI Challenge 2015
  • Best Process Mining Dissertation Award 2015
  • Special issues, workshops, etc.
  • Process Mining Camp 2015
  • New data sets, case studies, movies, …?

See also slides.

The task force is looking for volunteers to organize a process mining workshops/track at the two main IEEE conferences relevant for process mining (in CIS context). People interested in organizing this should contact Wil.

Other possible initiatives were mentioned. The task force members were encouraged to follow up on these and initiate activities to further promote the topics also in other areas (e.g., auditing, healthcare, etc.). Also the comment was made that many things are already happening and we should continue doing these as they have shown to be effective (better to do a few concrete things well rather than aiming at activities that cannot be executed). ). People interested in new activities please approach Wil with a concrete action plan.

8) Social program

The meeting was followed by a dinner for all workshop participants and the first “Process Mining Party” supported by Fluxicon and NGI. Both social events were very successful.