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-====== New website ====== +{{page>:news:2009_10_14_website}}
- +
-As of the beginning of October 2009, we launched the website [[]]. Feel free to have a look and learn more about the IEEE Task Force on Process Mining! +
- +
-Remember that the goal of the Task Force is to +
-| * make end-users, developers, consultants, and researchers aware of the state-of-the-art in process mining; | +
-| * promote the use of process mining techniques and tools and stimulating new applications; | +
-| * play a role in standardization efforts for logging event data; | +
-| * the organization of tutorials, special sessions, workshops, panels; | +
-| * the organization of Conferences/Workshop with IEEE CIS Technical Co-Sponsorship, and | +
-| * publications in the form of special issues in journals, books, articles (e.g., in the IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine). | +
- +
-Note that process mining includes (automated) process discovery (extracting process models from an event log), conformance checking (monitoring deviations by comparing model and log), social network/organizational mining, automated construction of simulation models, case prediction, and history-based recommendations.  +