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Result BPI challenge 2013

Dear all,

I proudly present to you the winner of the BPI challenge 2013:

Process Mining-based Understanding and Analysis of Volvo IT’s Incident and Problem Management Processes

by: Chang Jae Kang, Young Sik Kang, Yeong Shin Lee, Seonkyu Noh, Hyeong Cheol Kim, Woo Cheol Lim, Juhee kim and Regina Hong
from: Department of MIS, School of Business Administration, Myongji University, Seoul, Korea
and: PMIG, 34 Geobukgol-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea

The jury particularly liked the analysis and found the reasoning style easy to follow. The authors made a point of clearly defining their interpretations and arguing for their assumptions. The graphs were mostly well-explained. Furthermore, the report shows a good mix of the use of process mining tools and statistical analysis tools.

Next to the trophy designed by Felix Guenther and handed out during the presentation in Beijing (see picture), there are prizes for all participants:

  • Winners:
    • One project license for Disco (2 p. / 2 months)
    • Two tickets to Process Mining Camp 2014
    • One hour of online coaching
  • Top Three:
    • Perceptive Reflect (1 year SaaS license)
  • All participants:
    • One project license for Disco (1 p. / 1 month)
    • One hour of online coaching

I would like to conclude with thanking the sponsors: Fluxicon and Perceptive software for their support and I hope I can count on your participation next year!

Kind regards,

Boudewijn van Dongen