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XES Webinar

Slide 16: XES Goal 2: Flexible

The second goal is flexibility.

In XES, there will be no predefined attributes with any well-understood meaning. In particular, there will be no fixed identity for an event. Instead, event classifiers will be a mandatory feature of the XES standard.

Like [TAB] coin sorters classify coins by their size, event classifiers will classify events by their attributes. In contrast to the coin sorters, however, classifiers will be configurable through the [TAB]set of attributes it uses for the classification. For example, if the activity is stored in [TAB]the act attribute, then a classifier configured by that attribute will provide you the activity for an event, and we will be discovering a [TAB]process model. However, by changing the classifier to use, for example [TAB] the name attribute, we would immediately be discovering a [TAB]social network.[TAB]

Example standard classifiers include an [TAB] activity classifier and, especially in case of an event stream, a [TAB] trace classifier.