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XES Webinar

Slide 17: XES Goal 3: Extensible

The third goal is extensibility.

The XES standard will not define a [TAB]specific set of attributes. In the example, we have used labels like act and name, and until now we have assumed that act refers to the activity while name refers to the resource. However, it would also be possible that act refers to the actor, or resource, while name refers to the activity. Clearly, the label itself is not sufficient to decide what exactly the semantics is of the attribute. As such, the semantics of these attributes must necessarily be ambiguous, [TAB]hampering the interpretation of that data.

Instead of having a fixed set of attributes, we introduce the notion of an extension, which can be compared to a [TAB]pair of glasses. An extension provides focus for a restricted set of attributes. For example, we could have a [TAB]pair of glasses that fixes the [TAB]act attribute to indeed correspond to the activity, we could have a second [TAB] pair of glasses that does the same for the [TAB] resource attribute, and we could have [TAB] additional pairs of glasses for [TAB] other attributes. As a result, in XES, an attribute will only have well-defined semantics in combination with a correct pair of glasses.